What we do

Project Marketing Strategy

We live for project marketing; we know what we’re doing, and we love doing it. We’ve had the privilege of launching and managing some of Australia’s most significant residential projects, across several asset classes, including greenfield, off the plan apartments, medium density, mixed use and build to rent to own.

Always insight led, we believe that understanding your market is much more than you can get from a spreadsheet, our approach puts your future residents at the centre of the strategy – every time.

Community Engagement and Placemaking

We believe that people should feel connected to place, through their entire experience with a developer. We build community engagement strategies, detailing how to engage with the existing community, as well as your future community.

Our approach starts with market research to understand the current sentiment, and then we build a comprehensive strategy, including research insights, communications plan, sponsorship strategy, stakeholder strategy and events programming. By engaging with the community in a meaningful way, we can help create a strong sense of place and foster a thriving, connected community.

Project Sales Strategy

We offer a range of services to support developers and builders improve the sales experience. Whether launching a new project or looking to improve sales on an existing project, we can identify where the gaps are and provide a roadmap for improvement.

For new projects, we work with developers from the planning stage to develop a comprehensive project sales strategy and approach. This includes conducting market research to identify audiences and creating a tailored sales strategy to maximize conversion.

For projects already underway, we assess current sales rates and identify areas for improvement. We work closely with sales teams to identify challenges or obstacles, and workshop methodologies to improve the customer experience.

Sales Offices

The sales environment is an important part of the customer experience. The location, position, layout and design will have a fundamental impact on the success of your project.

Polka Dot Property works alongside your project team on the planning and civil works program, then we take it from there. We collaborate with our trusted network to deliver best practice sales environments, with just the right amount of tech.


Strategy and Advisory Services

With two decades of experience in the property industry, we take a collaborative approach to supporting your sales and marketing teams in achieving success. Our specialty is providing considered advice, problem-solving, workshopping, strategizing, and planning to ensure your project objectives are met and exceeded.

Our goal is to support your team in creating a robust sales and marketing plan that will build your brand and maximize sales. We understand the unique challenges of the property industry and can help you navigate them, leveraging our insights and market knowledge to create tailored solutions that fit your needs. Whether you’re launching a new development or looking to optimize your current sales strategy, we’re here to help.

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